History Of

Western Lock & Key

Back in the 1950’s, shops that offered “Locksmith Services” in the City of Edmonton were generally Cycle & Sporting Goods Shops. Uncle Bens Sport & Hunting Equipment and Clegg Case Ltd. were two of the more familiar sporting goods shops at the time.

In the spring of 1960, Clegg Case Ltd. liquidated and a gentleman by the name of Adam Robertson, who had recently arrived from Winnipeg, Manitoba bought out the Locksmith Shop portion of the business for the sum of $1,400.00. Western Lock & Key was then started and first opened its doors at 9920 Jasper Avenue. “The Key Men of Edmonton” became the company slogan at the time and key cutting, selling & repairing lock hardware, skate sharpening & restringing tennis rackets, was the focus of the company.

Western Lock & Key has since operated out of a number of locations but for almost 35 years, Western Lock was the “Calgary Trail-One Way North Locksmiths” (now known as “Gateway Blvd.”) After leaving the “BLVD” for about 10 years, we are happy to be back in the old neighbourhood.

From its humble beginnings over a half century ago, Western Lock & Key has seen many changes. From sporting goods clerks working on your lock hardware back in the 60’s, to a four year apprenticeship program to become a journeyman locksmith today, the trade has moved about as far as it could from its cycle & sporting goods beginnings to what it is now. Keeping up with all the changes & challenges over the last 55 years has been an exciting as well as challenging process and we look forward to providing the same exceptional service you have come to expect and appreciate over the last 55 years, for the next 55 years.

Serving Edmonton & Area since 1960