We Do It All !                                      

                                                   *Home Owners*




  Rekeying the average house with a
Front Door,Rear Door & Garage Man Door with Deadbolts & Locking Door Handles on each Door
                              $207.00 + Tax - Includes 4 Keys                                              




                                                           * Small Business *


Employees losing keys? How about keyless entry locks?

            Exterior Push-Button Locks starting at
                      $725.00 & Tax - Installed !

 Interior Push-Button Locks (for HR Depts.,etc.)
                           starting at only 
                      $395.00 & Tax - Installed !


                         * Apartments *



Need a key for your entry doors that can't be copied at    
your local hardware store

We have a solution !
Starting at only
                $382.40 & Tax                 
                 Buys you One cylinder for your Front
            One for your Rear aluminum/glass Doors,
               Installed, with 50 Keys !     


                                  Please note:

                         Prices subject to change
                               without notice     


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